Interglobe Cross-Cultural Business Services, Inc. is an international consulting and training firm specializing in helping people bridge differences effectively. We offer training, facilitation, consulting and coaching services in a variety of languages, geographies and settings. We believe in offering people the tools to be creative, happy and inspired at work.

Multicultural Team Building
Personal Leadership Seminars

  • Do you have customers or colleagues abroad and can’t get them to cooperate?
  • Do differences in communication and points of view get in the way?
  • Are your expatriate assignments a little rocky because of adjustment problems?
  • Or, are you considering expanding internationally but are reluctant to do so because of cultural differences?

  • Are important projects in your organization bogged down or completely off track because of interpersonal or cultural issues with your teams?
  • Is there an “us vs. them” mentality among the members of your team?
  • Are there issues with leadership or accountability?
  • Or, are you about to launch a new team and you have not been able to clarify the team roles, goals and norms yet?

  • Are you a key decision maker who feels stressed out and overwhelmed by the demands of your job?
  • Do you feel unclear or uncertain about a transition that you are about to make?
  • Do you sometimes react to difficult situations in ways that you later regret?
  • Or, would you simply like to discover a way to make differences work for you instead of against you?

  • Do you want to move to the next level in your organization and need to build up your leadership skills?
  • As a leader do you feel you have certain “blind spots” you would like to work on?
  • Would you like to be able to show up at work more authentically?
  • Or, would you simply like to have a sounding board or a “thinking partner” to help you make tough decisions?