Frequently Asked Questions

Cross Cultural Relocation Training FAQs

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This program will speed up the adjustment process so you and your family can begin to feel at home in your new culture more quickly. It will also help you gain important insights about your interactions with new colleagues at work, so that you can be more successful in your international assignment and, ultimately, your career.

We can conduct the training at your home or office, or, for an additional fee, the facilitator can provide a location for you. Our experience has shown that getting away from the office will help you focus more fully on the program.

Even if you speak the same language as the people in your new culture (such as someone relocating from Taiwan to Mainland China or from the U.S. to the U.K., or even Canada), there are many subtle differences and culture gaps which can present stumbling blocks to your adjustment if you are not aware of them.

The training usually lasts two days. Day One is focused on living in your new culture, and Day Two is focused on working there.

Yes. We recommend that the spouse attend both days, as they will also be interacting with people in a work context (either through their own job or in the course of taking care of things at home). Plus, they will have a better understanding of what you are going through at work and can be more supportive that way.

Yes. We have facilitators who can conduct the program in most major world languages.

Start collecting your questions for the facilitator now. Make a list and bring it with you to the program. No other preparation is necessary.

We have a rough outline, but each program is tailored to the specific needs of the participant(s), so the schedule depends on your questions during the program.

Yes. You will receive a training manual with general and country-specific information that is yours to keep.

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