Cross-Cultural Training

The Need

The world is shrinking. In today’s global economy, international business partners have become the rule rather than the exception, and employees at all levels routinely find themselves interfacing with vendors, customers and coworkers in distant locations. But those doing business internationally are often frustrated to find that the economic efficiencies they seek are being diminished or even cancelled out by the friction of cross-cultural misunderstandings.

Global projects that stall because of cultural differences, overseas assignments that fail because of a lack of cultural competency and business teams that never become highly productive because of the challenges of working virtually – these are just a few of the complications of international business that cost companies millions each year.

How We Fill It

INTERGLOBE Cross-Cultural Business Services has been providing training on effective cross-cultural communication to groups and individuals for over 20 years. Past clients have ranged from Fortune 500 to small and midsize companies. With a multicultural and multilingual team of facilitators and trainers representing four continents (North America, South America, Europe and Asia), we have the expertise necessary to custom-design a program for your unique situation. Whether you need a global business skills workshop for an entire division or in-home relocation training for one employee and his/her family, we will design the program that fits your needs.

Because all our cultural awareness programs are custom-designed, your training will start with a thorough pre-program needs assessment via electronic questionnaire and extensive face-to-face or phone interviews with key stakeholders. Our most popular programs include:

The Results

At INTERGLOBE Cross-Cultural Business Services, we help our clients break down cultural barriers that impede communication and productivity. Our clients report that after working with us, their employees are better equipped to function in a multi-cultural business environment, leading to more efficient communication and improved morale, all of which translates into bottom-line results.