Cross-Cultural Relocation Training

This customized training program covers all aspects of living and working in your destination country. It is geared toward the needs of families and individuals and will facilitate their adjustment to living and working in their new environment.

Cross cultural relocation training programsProgram Topics:

  • Cultural values in your destination country
  • Overview of the history, geography and political system
  • Daily life (housing, shopping, education, childcare, banking, healthcare, hobbies, sports, establishing friendships, etiquette, entertaining, etc.)
  • Dealing with adjustment issues and “culture shock”
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication style including virtual communication
  • Working with locals (management style, decision-making, problem-solving, motivation, meetings and negotiations, presentation style, etc.)
  • Strategies for being culturally effective at work and in your personal life

Program length: one or two days, depending on the needs of the participant(s).

The programs can be delivered in a variety of languages and can be held at a company location, the participant’s home or a location provided by the trainer.

To request a detailed program description or a quote, please contact us.