Global Business Skills

Whether you feel confused by the cryptic emails from your German manager and his or her slow response time or are irritated by your Indian colleague’s lack of directness and commitment when answering your requests for information, our highly interactive Global Business Skills programs can provide answers to your questions.

This type of program helps participants:

  • Increase their awareness of their own “cultural programming.”
  • Learn about the impact of culture on communicating and working with people from other cultural backgrounds.
  • Understand cultural values, attitudes and behaviors prevalent in the target culture(s).
  • Improve virtual communication, management, presentations, meetings, decision-making, problem-solving and teamwork.
  • Develop strategies for handling cultural differences productively and effectively.

Program length: One or two days, depending on the needs of the participant(s).

Our Global Business Skills programs include:

  • Global Business Effectiveness: Focus on Japan
  • Managing Customer Relationships and Doing Business in Latin America
  • Working and Communicating Effectively with American Colleagues
  • Working and Communicating Effectively with Belgian Colleagues
  • Working and Communicating Effectively with German Colleagues
  • Working and Communicating Effectively with Korean Colleagues
  • Working Successfully with Indian Business Partners

To request a detailed program description or a quote, please contact us.