Judy Wallace

Judy WallaceJudy Wallace is a cross-cultural trainer and consultant based in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Judy specializes in supporting the transition of expatriates coming to live and work in the US. She also facilitates small multicultural groups in leveraging their backgrounds to achieve specific business objectives. Although she has visited many interesting places, Judy loves living on the New England coast where she often takes early morning walks by the sea and sometimes manages to find her way unnoticed into a nearby retreat center, enjoying their special Atlantic vista.

Judy holds a BA in French from Ohio State University, a teacher certification from Montclair University in New Jersey, and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Cincinnati. She has attended the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication in Portland, Oregon and holds a certificate in Business French from the Chamber of Commerce in Paris. In addition to her native English, she is fluent in French.

Originally from a small town in Ohio, Judy has lived and/or worked in the Netherlands, France, Germany, the UK, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Denmark. Prior to beginning her work facilitating intercultural learning for business executives in 1997, Judy worked first as a French teacher and then as an international business manager. As a result of her international experiences, Judy became a student of her own culture, allowing her to share an in-depth knowledge of the often subtle cultural nuances that can create misunderstanding with her workshop participants.

Judy is a founding leader of the School for Collective Leadership in Massachusetts. She also hosts numerous workshops and conversations on the subject of breaking down barriers to facilitate collective intelligence.