Helping people bridge differences effectively and mindfully.


Supporting you at work.


Cross-Cultural Training

Do you have customers or colleagues abroad and can’t get them to cooperate? 

Do differences in communication and points of view get in the way?

Are your expatriate assignments a little rocky because of adjustment problems?

Or, are you considering expanding internationally but are reluctant to do so because of cultural differences?

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Team Building

Are projects in your organization bogged down or off track because of interpersonal or cultural issues with your teams?

Is there an “us vs. them” mentality among the members of your team?

Are there issues with leadership or accountability?

Or, are you about to launch a new team and have not been able to clarify the team roles, goals and norms yet?


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Executive Coaching

Do you want to reach the next level in your organization and build your leadership skills?

As a leader do you feel you have certain “blind spots” you would like to work on?

Would you like to be able to show up at work more authentically?

Or, would you like to have a sounding board or a “thinking partner” to help make tough decisions?

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Mindful Leadership

Would you like to be more intentional and less reactive in your leadership approach?

Do you want to be able to manage your stress better?

Are you interested in having deeper and more honest conversations with your leadership team?

So you feel there is something "else" out there for you to achieve in terms of leadership development?

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Your team, our expertise.

“The business results of the program you conducted have been impressive. Teamwork and trust have increased significantly as a result of the program.”

— Vice President, Marketing,
Porsche Cars North America, Atlanta, Georgia

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Our Team

A global partnership.

INTERGLOBE partners with a network of cross-cultural training, coaching and consulting professionals residing in different corners of the world. Although geographically separated, we share the same work ethic and delivery standards.