Cross-Cultural Training

"Best learning experience since I joined UCB. Keep up the good work! Especially enjoyed video clips & interactions of other team members."

— Medical Director, UCB, Raleigh, N.C.

"Rita facilitated a 3-days global Innovation workshop for our international product development team. She was able to create an open, inspiring and very effective atmosphere. The significant increase in team spirit and the groundbreaking results made this event a full success."

— Corporate R&D Director, Kraiburg TPE, Waldkraiburg, Germany

"Rossana was very knowledgeable and a good moderator. She gave helpful examples and answered every question. I learned a lot from today and will change my actions as a result for the better! Thanks – Gracias.”

— HR Manager, Siemens Shared Services, Iselin, NJ

"Dr. Nam is very good in her presentation and knows the subject matter well. She was very open to getting feedback from the team members and created a good learning environment.”

— Senior Engineer, Siemens Ultrasound, Issaquah, WA

"Rita gave me great tips and background information on Germany culture, business, etc. I feel much more prepared for my delegation and it feels real now! Really like the personal training session. I couldn’t imagine going to Germany without this training."

— Manager, Siemens Energy, Orlando, FL.

"Every person should have a training like this! Brenda was an excellent person, very comprehensive and listening. She gave us a lot of advises and she really helped us in our adaption. All of the sections are very important to understand an overall of the US.”

— Manager, Siemens Industry, Cleveland, OH

Team Building

"Last week’s meeting was very productive and a positive step forward for our Management Team members. Todd did a great job moderating/challenging each of us during the workshop and helped us identify some major gaps/re-alignments needed in our management styles.”

— Managing Director, Kraiburg TPE USA, Buford, GA

"The business results of the program you conducted have been impressive. Teamwork and trust have increased significantly as a result of the program.”

— Vice President, Marketing, Porsche Cars North America, Atlanta, Georgia

"One of the outcomes of Rita’s workshops is that the team begins to feel bonded which is a key to successful interaction to meet a common goal. We feel that team moral has been maintained based on Rita’s input. Without her guidance we would not have been as effective and as highly functioning as we are today.”

— Senior Manager, Regulatory Affairs, UCB, Symrna, Georgia

"As shared, you (Rita) did a great job facilitating: we benefited from your experience, interest in people and cultures and humor. Leading the show without being the star of the show is an exceptional quality! Thank you.”

— Team Leads, Patient Safety, UCB Biosciences, Raleigh, NC

Executive Coaching

"Rita was able to quickly discern the issues I was having and provided great insight into my interpersonal interactions at work. Through the course of several months of coaching sessions, I was able to reduce my level of stress at work and reach a place in which I felt comfortable dealing with any conflict, be it at work or in my personal life.”

— Program Director, Pharmaceutical Company

"Rita is a skilled coach with a tool box of great resources and ideas that she shares. She has great insight and was great at both challenging me while supporting me at the same time.”

— Project Lead, Public Health Organization

"In my coaching sessions with Rita, I received support and encouragement in a time of great need. I was delightfully surprised by her ability to personalize the coaching process so that the questions, activities and tools she used really 'fit' me, my learning style and personality. Rita was super responsive to my needs and suggestions as we moved along. Rita is very personable and easy to warm up to. She is experienced, wise, authentic, open, fun, kind and caring.”

— Volunteer Coordinator, Environmental Non-Profit Organization

"Rita’s coaching style is collaborative and practical, which is a very effective combination.”

— VP Quality, Pharmaceutical Company