Articles of Interest

Cross-Cultural Adjustment Stress – Symptoms and Solutions How to recognize and overcome stress related to adjustment to a new environment. Download

Teaming with Trouble - Differences that make a difference in German-American teams. Download

Training Design and Delivery Across Borders - Why one-size-fits-all in training design and delivery across cultures doesn’t work. Download

Personal Leadership - A brief introduction to the two principles and six practices of Personal Leadership. Download

Leading the "I" of the Storm - The story of a corporate leader using the principles and practices of Personal Leadership to be a more effective in his work. Download



Building Cultural Competence – Innovative Activities and Models by Kate Berardo and Darla K. Deardorff, Editors (Stylus Publishing, LLC, 2012). Collection of activities, simulations games and models to develop intercultural competence.


Making a World of Difference – Personal Leadership. A Methodology of Two Principles and Six Practices by Barbara F. Schaetti, Sheila J. Ramsey and Gordon E. Watanabe (Flying Kite Publications, 2008). An easy-to read exploration of the principles and practices of Personal Leadership as well as the Critical Moment Dialogue to help people access the creative possibilities that exist when they come together from different backgrounds or with conflicting perspectives.


Leading Across New Borders: How to Succeed As the Center Shifts by Ernest Gundling, Christie Caldwell and Karen Cvitkovich (Wiley, 2015). An exploration of leadership success factors in today's shifting and changing global economy including global talend, mindset, teams, inclusion M&As, innovation and ethics.


The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business by Erin Meyer (Public Affairs, 2014). An in-depth analysis of how cultural differences impact international business by providing a model for decoding differences and practical advice for succeeding in a global word.


Global Dexterity: How to Adapt Your Behavior Across Cultures without Losing Yourself in the Process by Andy Molinksy (HBR Press, 2013).  A guidebook offering tools for simultaneously adapting behavior to new cultural contexts while staying authentic and grounded in one’s own natural style. 

Cultural Competency Tools

CIA World Factbook – Information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities. Website

Cultural Detective – A dynamic series of tools that develop invaluable competence in individuals and organizations enabling people and organizations to meet the high-performance demands of an increasingly global economy. Website

Intercultural Development Inventory ® – A statistically reliable, cross-culturally valid measure of intercultural competence. Website

Coaching Assessments

The Leadership Circle Profile ™ 360 Assessment —  Designed for leaders and managers, this 360° assessment measures a leader’s Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies and helps them understand quickly what has contributed to their success so far, and what deeply held beliefs and styles may be limiting their effectiveness and results. Website

Professional Development Opportunities

Global Community Dialogue – Worldwide – Annual gathering of thinkers, practitioners, leaders, teachers, activists, students, philosophers, writers dialoguing in small and large groups about living in a “global village” and creating a truly global community. Website

New Ventures West, San Francisco, California – ICF-accredited professional coaching program focused on integral coaching. Website

Personal Leadership Seminars – Worldwide – A virtual community of practice focused on designing and delivering offerings in Personal Leadership, a methodology consisting two principles and six practices to helping people lead from the inside out. Website

Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication (SIIC), Portland, Oregon – Three-week summer program featuring professional development opportunities for people working in education, training, business, and consulting, in both international and domestic intercultural contexts. Website

Professional Associations

SIETAR DEUTSCHLAND – German chapter of the Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research. Website

SIETAR EUROPA – European chapter of the Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research. Website

SIETAR USA – U.S. chapter of the Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research. Website

International Coach Federation (ICF). International Coach Federation – seeking to advance the art, science and practice of professional coaching. Website